Gastronomic tourism in Madrid

Enjoy an authentic Paella


Are you thinking of visiting Madrid with a group of friends or family and you like our gastronomy?

If you want to eat a very tasty Valencian Paella in a private environment at the best Cooking School in Madrid and the only one Paellas School, enjoying a real gastronomic tourism, Cocinea is your place!

You will enjoy our Space exclusively in a totally interactive activity, where you will learn all the secrets of rice and you will cook, from the beginning to the end, your own paella with local ingredients.

The Paella Mistress will tell you a bit of her history, she will talk about the broths, the raw materials, she will teach you how to distinguish the best rice for each preparation, the cooking times and the most important thing, the final finish, the Socarrat!

To whet your appetite, you will enjoy an appetizer paired with a Yzaguirre vermouth, soft drink, wine, beer….

You will prepare the paella chosen with your fire, paella and ingredients, and once finished you will sit at the table and eat the rice in the traditional style.

In addition, we will give you the apron which you have used to cook the Paella.
Come to learn and enjoy our gastronomy!


The most emblematic spanish cooking

Valencian Paella

Discover all the secrets of our most traditional dish, and prepare your own paella from the beginning to the end.

Spanish Tapas
Learn how to cook the most iconic tapas of our gastronomy in a 100% participative cooking course.

A delicious experience!

Ham tasting
Taste the flavor of 100% pure acorn-fed Iberian ham.
An exclusive tasting carried out by our Master Ham Slicer.
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If you are thinking of visiting Madrid with friends or family and you want to learn and enjoy a truly gastronomic tourism, come to Cocinea!


    C/ Plomo 10, 28045 Madrid


    C/ Plomo 10, 28045 Madrid