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We present the Cocinea’s Paellas online shop where you can find products which you can make the authentic recipe for Paella Valenciana with. With everything we offer you will become a specialist and succeed with family and friends from home. Remember that you can also join our Paella Courses here

Our products

Paella's stand

Become a Paella Master with quality utensils to make a difference. Give an impeccable presentation to your Paellas with this stand to bring your rice dishes to the table quickly, safely, cleanly and smartly.

Indispensables for Paella

With this kit it will be impossible to forget any ingredient to prepare a wonderful Valencian Paella. In addition, you will receive a wooden spoon to eat your Paellas as tradition and the original recipe of the authentic Valencian Paella dictates.

Paella Thermocouple kit

All the utensils so that your Paella is ready, including high-end burners so that it is cooked with the perfect heat and it tastes delicious. Also you can include windbreaks, in case you want to cook it outdoors.

Gift Card

Surprise by giving a gastronomic experience. If one of your beloved ones such as your mother, father, siblings, your partner or friends like cooking, the Gift Card is perfect for them to enjoy a Paella’s Masterclass in Cocinea.



What are we cooking with this products?

Depending on which Paella you cook, some ingredients will vary, but the previous products are a good starting point because there are many things in common in the recipes, for example, chopping each of the ingredients, adding oil, frying them, adding rice and the adequate amount of water, along with the spices that cannot be missing.

At Cocinea we offer you Paella Courses so you can learn how to make different types of paella. Join here

Valencian Paella

The best worldwide-known , delicious, authentic and special. Valencian Paella contains chicken, rabbit, green beans among other ingredients.

Vegan Paella

As its name says, this type of Paella does not contain neither dairy products nor any type of animal meat, it only contains various vegetables.

Seafood Paella

The most consumed in summer. A tasty paella that contains ingredients such as: white fish, crayfish, cuttlefish, shrimp, mussels, among others.