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Cooking team building in Madrid and events for companies with fun gastronomic workshops are the best way to get a work team to be more connected, better communicated, and more competitive. Thanks to these events for companies, leadership, camaraderie and the ability to overcome common challenges will be better developed. One of the objectives of the Human Talent area or the Human Resources department is to ensure that the company’s workers are increasingly more productive and are more focused and loyal to the company. Furthermore, the connection between them is essential to obtain the best results in business projects. This task of creating a kitchen team building activity can be requested by both the Human Talent department itself, the company and an events agency in charge of this type of events for companies. The cooking team building activities in Madrid that we organize for companies at Cocinea are fun gastronomic workshop sessions, and are aimed at achieving these objectives. If you want to organize a private event (birthdays and anniversaries, bachelor and bachelorette parties, meetings with friends,…) Cocinea is the perfect space.

If you are a company, come to Cocinea

The team building activities that we organize for companies in Madrid, such as workshops and fun sessions, are aimed at achieving the following objectives:


Teamwork multiplies employee productivity


Having common goals helps keep team members motivated.

Good environment

Working in a good climate is essential to obtain good results.


A good team knows how to coordinate and assign specific tasks to each member.

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Team building is the great secret to building a good environment and obtaining the best work team. There is nothing more exciting for a work team than seeing it collaborating in one of our cooking contest workshops. Employees give their all and come together to achieve a common goal in each team and a good “feeling” with co-workers. Our Cocinea Space and kitchen is ideal for holding your event, meeting or business activities. Are you looking for a place to carry out Cooking Team building activities in Madrid for a company or private event? Well you have found it. Cocinea is your place. Cocinea is the perfect place to develop your company’s team building event or events for private companies.

Why choose Cocinea? Discover our space

Did you know that cooking as a team is one of the most fun activities?

70 m2 open plan next to the kitchen island

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility

Natural lighting and ventilation

Next to Atocha station

Parking at the door

Activities for groups in Madrid

Thanks to our spacious and adapted kitchens, you can also combine your private meetings with gastronomic and culinary plans. These delicious team building activities help disconnect the work team from the routine and, at the same time, make them live a different experience to improve the company environment. Cocinea is the highest rated cooking school in Madrid on Google, we are also specialists in paellas, we teach how to prepare the authentic Valencian Paella. We are in the heart of the city of Madrid and our specialization is gastronomic activities and team building activities and events for companies from all sectors.



Our expert team will make you feel at home, we will make your event an unforgettable day. Enjoy a delicious experience.

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Teambuilding activities in Madrid

At Cocinea we take care of the management, development and customized organization of any activity that your company needs for team building, or for exclusive experiences intended for executives, offering a careful selection of cooking workshops and other complementary gastronomic activities (tastings, cocktails,…) to develop culinary skills, …And if this is not enough, we also create your custom experience to make it unique. Make your employees, clients and/or collaborators enjoy an original, fun and tasty experience, which we will prepare for them, taking care of even the smallest detail and which we are sure, they will never forget.


Choose the gastronomic activity that best suits your event

Paella cooking classes

You will prepare your own Valencian Paella from start to finish and learn all the secrets of this jewel of our gastronomy with your colleagues.

Cooking party: Spanish and International Cuisine

Gastronomic activities tailored to your needs (Flavors of the world, Mexico Lindo,…). Bring out your most creative side by cooking a complete menu as a team.

Complementary activities: Ham tasting

We have exclusive Ham Tastings and Live Showcooking.

The most original cooking workshops for companies.

Complementary activities: Cocktail war

What better after-dinner meal than a cocktail tasting? Learn how to prepare your favorite drinks from a professional bartender.

“Masterchef” format

All cooking team building activities and events for companies or private events can be carried out as a contest/competition. The perfect option to develop an enjoyable, fun and successful team building event, a company event or a private event. The kitchen team building dynamic will be developed in teams with the option of a prize for the winners.

escuela de cocina

Everything you need at your disposal

espacio exlusivo

Exclusive Space

In all activities, the Space is reserved exclusively for attendees.

Drinks included

Drinks are included throughout the event, both while cooking and during lunch or dinner.


Gift apron

Attendees will be given the apron they used to cook.


Multimedia equipment

We have multimedia equipment with screen, projector and audio for your meetings.


Ambient music

Our Space has background music, which you can personalize.


Waiters and cleaning

We have waiter and cleaning service throughout the event.

Book your space

Do you have any activity in mind different from the ones you just read? Contact us, we are sure that your idea can work.


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