Indispensable for paella


With this kit it will be impossible to forget any ingredient to prepare a great Valencian Paella.

  • SAFFRON Desbrín (2g)
  • Picualia OIL (500ml)
  • PEPPER La Dalia (30g)

In addition, you will receive the recipe of the authentic Valencian Paella.

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DACSA is a Valencian family business initially dedicated to the production of corn grits for the brewing industry, it entered the rice sector in 1982 creating the Arroz Dacsa brand. The beginnings of the brand have always opted to defend and promote the Designation of Origin Arroz de Valencia, always valuing the typical gastronomy of the area and bringing a tradition so deeply rooted in Valencia closer to consumers, putting rice cultivation as it is.


DESBRÍN, a saffron from organic farming, which provides a very characteristic flavor and aroma.

It is harvested by hand, flower by flower, and only three pistils are obtained from each one to enter a drying and dehydration process. To obtain one kilogram of dried saffron, 120 thousand flowers are needed, so it is not surprising that it is one of the only condiments on the planet that is sold by the gram.

It is a must in our paellas to obtain marvelous results. It is the magical yellow touch that tints the rice and gives it an unmistakable flavor.

From the earth and the sun to the table, natural and without additives, 100% natural.


PICUALIA is a company distinguished in 2016 as the best olive oil mill in Spain. Located in Bailén (Jaén) in the heart of Andalusia.

We at the School, use the picual variety that comes from olives that are extracted directly from the tree in the last days of November. It is a fully ripened olive, black in color so that in these oils the green freshness is lost but the softer notes are gained, thus obtaining EVOOs ideal for cooking with a high quality Extra Virgin but preserving the traditional flavor. The most predominant tasting notes are ripe banana peel, tomato soup, ripe fruit mush or aromatic plants from the Sierra Morena, which still persist in this fruit and therefore in these ripe olive juices.


LA DALIA. A delicious condiment powder of red color and a smoky and sweet flavor obtained from the dried and ground fine and elongated bell pepper of La Vera. A fundamental ingredient in typical Spanish dishes.